PH.D Program in Information exchange within intermodule transportation solutions.

Poor information exchange in today's intermodal transport system means long queues and waiting times when trucks and trains arrive at seaport terminals, preventing them from accessing the right containers at the right times. The purpose of the project is to investigate how effective access management can reduce turnaround times for trucks and trains in seaport terminals through an automated exchange of relevant information. The users of the results are hauliers, train operators and terminals, which can automatically exchange information one week, one day and two hours before the trucks and trains arrive at the seaport terminals, can reduce turnaround times, costs and environmental impact. The project is further based on the results of the FFI-funded projects REACH and DREAMIT.

The main project partner is SSPA. The other partners are the Gothenburg School of Business, Consenso (project manager), APM Terminals, GDL Transport, Tjörns Bilservice, Vänerexpressen, and EVRY.

Volvo Group

Volvo Bus Corporation

Chief Project Manager for the Eu6 Step C and Step D project and the fast charge electric hybrid project

Volvo Trucks

Platform modularization management and system engineering.

Volvo Car Corporation

Process development and Implementation GHG and CAFE reporting procedures and processes at the fuel economy department.


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